The closest airport to Sousse is the Monastir H. Bourguiba Airport, which operates 24 hours a day. Visitors used to larger airports might find a lack of amenities at Monastir, but it does offer duty free shopping, has rental cars, taxis and buses in the arrivals terminal to get you to Sousse, which is located about 20 miles away to the south on the coast. Monastir is now closed to charter flights from the UK, they now use the new airport at Edfidha between Port el Kantoui and Hammamet, this is a ultra modern terminal and has large high open spaces, the duty free areas have bar code readers so when you find an item you just clik on your country's flag and scan the item, the price is instantly displayed on the screen.

Taxis from the airport are generally cheap and there are always plenty available. Try to pick a newer vehicle with air conditioning and agree a total price before you set off, for all passengers and luggage. Expect to pay approximately 15-20TD from Monastir to Sousse. There's a tourist information desk near the airport exit where you can ask how much it's likely to cost to a given destination. The rates are also double at night, so again confirm the fares first.

If you have a large group, or a bit of time to kill there are also shuttle buses, and these can be generally even more affordable than the taxis. The downside is that they won’t generally get going until the bus is almost full. And the drivers will often wait for a long time to fill it up!

Hotel shuttles booked via a travel operator also typically have to wait for other passengers and the coach will usually take a circuitous route, stopping at a number of different hotels. Then when you finally arrive you could find yourself in a queue to check-in.

Sousse is just about 60 miles to the south of the major city of Tunis, and the main Tunisian train line runs from Tunis in the north towards Jem, Sfax and Gabes in the south, and Monastir and Mahdia on the west. The trains are modern, but the general or second class can be a bit crowded. The first class service is certainly worth considering, as it isn’t overly expensive and will allow you to travel like the old European colonists from the bygone eras.