There are many options for public transportation within Lahore, which include buses, taxis, trains, auto rickshaws and even horse drawn tongas (not generally taken for transportation).  Note that roads throughout Pakistan are dangerous when compared to those in most Western countries.  There are rules on the roads, but many choose not to follow them.  Make sure to keep this in mind before planning a trip to the area.  Visit Getting around in Pakistan to read about certain precautions and warnings.

            Public busses are slow and crowded, but very cheap.  They are easily identified by their bright colors.  Seats in the front, near the driver, are for women and children. 

            Generally, taxis can be found around major tourist areas such as hotels and shopping malls.  Fares are to be negotiated before starting a journey, and are usually very cheap.  Make sure to arrange for a round trip fare because taxis can be hard to come by in many areas.  Because most drivers do not speak English, make sure to carry a map with your destination distinctly circled.  This way there will be no miscommunication.  Taxis are generally yellow in color. 

            Visit the Pakistan Railway Website for information about train travel.

            Auto rickshaws (check out the picture) are available in the city.  Fares are negotiated much like a taxi.