If your haggling skills are top-notch, you will definitely want to check out the many bazaars that can be found within the city. Hand-crafted items to look for include embroidery, quilts, carved wooden items, folk jewelry, leatherworks, and items made of brass or onyx. Two markets to look for in central Karachi include the Bohri Bazaar and the Zainab Market. The Bohri Bazaar is located between Sarmand Road and Mir Karam Ali Talpur Road in Saddar. The Zainab Market is located between Zaibun-Nisa Street and Aiwan-i-Saddar Road. There are a number of shops lining these roads that are well-worth exploring. Another bazaar, located in Clifton, that is worth visiting is the Gulf Market. There you will find colorful cotton clothing, the latest fashions in formal and semi-formal wear, and lots and lots of amazing jewelry. Before one leaves the city, it would not be just if a visit to Tariq Road is forgotten. The shopping market offeres a wide range of daily to formal wear clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, daily use crockery/ cuttlery, music tapes/ CDs, VCDs/DVDs, small and medium electronic/ electrical appliances, etc, etc. In short, there you have it, what ever you can imagine!!!