Karachi , also known as the City of lights is well known for the variety of foods and cuisines , variyng from tradational  to continental food. Starting from traditional food, one can easily get access to lots of spicy food like Nihari , Haleem , Chicken tikkas and not to forget Biryani. For any one coming to Karachi, make it a point to eat the sumptuous, mouth watering amd the most traditional Barbecue of Karachi. You would have not eaten such a cuisine ever anywhere, if you can make a visit to Barbecue Tonight, falling ahead of Baoat Basin. The westerners delight in this cuisine.  There cannot be a more authentic Barbecue when you are visiting Karachi and even Pakistan. Moving over to the small eats/ snacks you can get Bun Kababs (Burgers) on almost every corner of a busy street with a bottled pepsi (yes bottled not cans!), Shawermas, Samosas, Cutlets, Shami Kebabs, Pakoras, Chaats, Soups etc. however, hygienic conditions of their servings and cooking needs to be considered prior munching the pleasure away!!!!

Burns Road is famous for snacks like Bun kebabs and meals like Haleem.  For the best Kebab rolls one should not forget to visit "Hot n Spicy" or "Red Apple" near Zamzama. Moving on to a more stylish and expensive restaurants.  Zamzama boulevard is a very good place for that where you can find lots of trendy restaurants, ice cream parlours and when you're done eating you can always stroll through the amazing designer wear shops around.If you are not sure of what you want to eat , then visit Boat Basin,  the "Food Street" of Karachi where you can find everything you ever imagined from chinese to arabian with lots of nice and stylish restaurants where you can sit and eat in open or inside the restaurant , the choice is always yours. Overall , Karachi is a place where you can get something mouth watering on almost every corner of a street !, may it be a stalls or stylish restaurants.

For those who may like to enjoy fine dining, there are a few well-kept secrets in Karachi. Okra, The Grill provides a delightful mediterranian dining experience. Set in the posh area of Defence, you are likely to rub your shoulder with karachi's gentry. French food lovers will enjoy dining at Cafe Flo, also in the Defence area. Here under Madam Florence's superb direction, the cuisine is par excellence!

For japanese food lovers, there is  Sakura at the Pearl Continental Hotel or Fujiyama at the Avari Towers hotel. Avari also boasts a nice chinese restaurant, Dynasty.  Sawasdee and Fuschia  in Defence offer mouth-watering thai cuisine.

Espresso, a delightful coffee chain, is a nice place for light snacks all-day as well as late night dining. Their breakfast has become increasingly popular with the locals. 

However, for all those who would like to enjoy the true essence of Karachi food, Bundo Khan (Sindhi Muslim area) and BBQ Tonite (Clifton)  are a must go. The original 'chicken tikka'  and the 'kebabs'  with 'halwa and paratha' will probably be the cheapest and most satisfying meal you enjoy.