There is the opportunity in Luang Prabang to purchase many eclectic and intriguing local goods, ranging from hand-dried tea to traditional tribalwear. For instance, the time when Luang Prabang seems most awake is early in the morning. At this time, the morning market bustles with life. People crowd the stands to buy the fresh produce or meat, sticky rice or snacks. The colors are abundant and the hundreds of stalls display shoes, paper, pens, batteries, meat, fish and a myriad of other objects.

  The nightmarket, H’mong Market, is similarly crowded and bumping with life. Starting around 4 pm (since in Laos everyone tends to go to bed early, soon after sunset, so rise at 5 am), this market is split into goods and foods. In the good sections, vendors spread out in long lines of blankets, showing off their silver, jewelry and knit goods. Also available are intriguing traditional tribal dress, very colorfully embroidered (similar to the Vietnamese-style tribal dress with bright asymmetric patterns).   The food market is expansive, with a tantalizing (if intimidating) display of foods and spices. Travelers are best to stick on the safer side of things, though the food all around is safe to be eaten.