If you are arriving in Cambodia at either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap airports, an e-visa in advance is available. It costs $7 (+$3 Credit Card Fee) more than the VOA (visa on arrival), yet will save you valuable space in your passport as the VOA takes up an entire page. This is valuable information if you are a frequent traveler.The website is efficient and takes 24 hours or so to process. To apply, all you need is a digital passport-style photo & credit card, and access to a printer to print off the visa (black & white accepted). Staple the printed page into your passport (do not use glue). Make sure you use the correct government online visa application site, as some visitors have reported arriving at the airport, only to have their e-visa refused (the site has been hacked into on several occasions, and re-directed to a bogus site). If this occurs, you will have to pay an additional $30 at immigration in for a new visa. The e-visa can be used at border crossings as well, but not at all of them (this information is stated on the e-visa site).

Alternatively, the visa application system when you arrive at Siem Reap airport is extremely efficient. All you need is to have a passport photo available and your application fee. There is a line of officials who from the moment you hand over your completed visa application form (which you will receive in the departure lounge or on the flight to Cambodia), each have a role to play in ensuring the whole process takes no more than 5 minutes.

There is no longer an airport tax to be paid when departing Cambodia.