Guides and drivers can be found on the Siem Reap Guides page. 


Getting around Siem Reap is incredibly easy, a lot easier than getting around Phnom Penh that's for sure. Taxis or tuk-tuks (a motor bike with a trailer on the back) is a fun way to travel around Siem Reap and unlike Phnom Penh, a lot of the drivers know English.

Taxis are often Toyota Camrys with A/C; they  take 2 persons for $30  for full day at temples. There is an extra charge for tours outside of the Angkor Park and a few $ extra for sunrise (April 2010).

Motos (small motor bikes) are everywhere and hailing one down is as easy as walking out the front of your hotel, standing on the side of the road or by just looking over at them!! Generally a moto ride costs $1 per person around town. You can bargain them down to $3 for 4 people; and to $10 or so for a full day at the temples (August 2008).

The tuk-tuk can be a fun way to travel around the city and the temple area.  The trailer has  bench seats and a roof over  the top. You can have a good look around and talk to your companions while you travel from A to B. 

Tuk-tuks range from $13~$16 for a full day at the Angkor temples.  Most tuk-tuks can hold up to 4 people but 2 is safer as they are unstable with poor brakes and can be dangerous in wet weather. A car is more recommended in the rainy seaosn.

Don't forget the most important thing about travelling around anywhere in Cambodia and Siem Reap . Make sure that you agree to a price before you travel with a moto guy or taxi driver. (Use the guidelines above for suggested prices and do note that you will have to pay more to visit outlying temples or for longer distances).

Please note: Taxi or moto drivers are not allowed to guide tourists in the Angkor Park . if you need a guide, please have your hotel arrange one for you. The cost of a fully licenced guides range from $25-$30 per day and you will also pay for the driver + tuk-tuk or car, which will be extra.A car and driver (including petrol) costs about $30 per day and a 8 to 14 seater van and driver costs about $40 per day around the Angkor area. For trips to Kbal Spean, Banteay Srei and beyond, there is usually a surcharge. If you wish to do sunrise, there is usually a $5 surcharge as a 5am or similar time wake up is called for.

Temple passes are $20 for a one-day pass, $40 for a 3-day pass days and $60 for a one week pass payable at the main ticket offices on the way into the park. (you cannot buy passes anywhere else). Photos for the pass will be taken at the counter so you do not need to brign a photograph.