The beauty of native Cambodian performing arts; music and dance date back to the ancient origins of the land. Unfortunately, during the Khmer Rouge, practice was put to a stop and the artistic genre suffered considerably. Thankfully, at the end of the regime, in 1979, major efforts were put forth to resurrect the art forms with the help of UNESCO.

The types of performing arts that thrived before their demise included many types of dance, religious rituals, and a large variety of theater types. They were an important form of entertainment for the royal kingdom in Cambodia's past. The discipline was largely taught and explained by word of mouth rather than documented formally, thus the other major reason why they risked extinction.

Forms of masked dance, fighting, rituals, and music are now being brought back and gaining speed, with much thanks due to tourism. Today there are many places to enjoy traditional performing arts in Siem Reap, namely at the hotels. Here are some of the top spots to see live performances in or around Siem Reap:

Performing arts in Siem Reap have overcome a challenging past and are now a major highlight of any visit here.

During the Peak Season. November to May, there are occasional Apsara Dance Concerts at the Flodlit Bayong Temple; it is a spectacular show with fabulous backdrop: however it is a little expensive $50 + for show and dinner (this season prices not confirmed).