Punta Arenas is the main city in Chilean Patagonia, why?  Because they have the main airport in the region (Chilean side), from this place you can get Puerto Natales, and Tierra del Fuego,  take different buses to Ushuaia, Puerto Natales and Argentina.

The main attractions in Punta Arenas are the two Penguin Colonies: one of them in Seno Otway, by land from the city, about 45 minutes and  the another is by boat in Magdalena island. 

Also there are many different museums in the city, the most developed is Maggiorino Borgatello, history from the city and the region, Braun Menendez Museum,  the Navy Museum and Army museum, since 2011 another interesting option is to visit the Nao Victoria Museom, which show replicas of historical ships as Nao Victoria (Magellan), James Caird (Ernest Shackleton) y Goleta Ancud (Juan Guillermos  /John Williams). 

Punta Arenas may not be a city to stay in for a longer period of time; the hotels are a bit expencive and the restaurants also.   It is usfull to compare different prices before buying something and take care with the taxi fares.

The travel agencies may not  have really good options for the timing of tours in Torres del Paine National Park, so be aware of  that.. Don't trust in the popular notion that  "full day" are cheaper  - you spend almost all the day in the minibus.

The distance betwen Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales are 3 hrs,  and from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine almost 2.5 hrs it is not very easy get the park from Punta Arenas.

Make a good trip plan before you start and Patagonia is a wonderfull place to spend a short visit.