Like the rest of the world, groupon is super "hot" in China, and of course, in Xiamen, too. Basically you can use Groupon to find a cheap but high quality (most of them), hotel, restaurant, ticket, or even watch a movie,

Groupon here is only a general term, in Chinese, it is called "tuan gou" (group shopping), and it is localized very successfully, so most of the "tuan gou" website you have never heard of.

Basically you can spend about 10 USD to find a OK hostel everywhere in Xiamen. Without "tuan gou", usually these kind of small to medium scale hostel have no way to promote themselve, but with the help of "tuan gou", more and more travellers chose to live at these cheap places instead of spendig big amount of money for a bed.

Another good thing about "tuan gou" is that you can refund the money any time before the transcation actually happened, which means you can go to your "tuan gou" hostel, check the room first, and if you are not happy, you can just leave and get your money back, and move on to next hostel, no extra charge at all. Your own personal experience is much more reliable than those strangers' review.

The "tuan gou" for food is more fit for a group of people, which make more sense of "tuan gou" (group shopping). But even though you are alone in the trip, many restaurant still provides "tuan gou" for one or two people.

For the tickets, you absolutely need to "tuan gou", it is just like free coupon provided to you.

Of course, if you have time, you can enjoy a 3-D movie with "tuan gou" at about 5 USD. ( You can decide it is cheap or expansive)

Another budget travel tip is to use the bus instead of the taxi. Usually you spend about 1 or 2 RMB to go from one end of Xiamen to the other end.

However, you really need to know some Chinese to do these, or know some CHINESE who can speak Chinese, otherwise, it will be just frustrating.