China and China modernization is a hot topic today, Shenzhen is not out of the discussion. Located at the frontier between the old and new China, Schenzhen harbors many of the contradictions that define China’s character today.

There is a lot of research and writing going on to analyze the China phenomenon. Some books that you can take a look are:

- In Modernization in China: The Case of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, K. A. Wong and David K.Y. Chu analyze China’s strategy to attract foreign investment through the Special Economic Zones and how this capitalist strategy works in a socialist country.

- Another book that explores this phenomenon is China’s Special Economic Zones: From Shenzen to Shangai. A new path to industrialization, urbanization, globalization and modernization by Haishan Liu. Liu analyzes the uniqueness of this model and tries to explain the causes for its success.

- An innovative book on the matter is Guy Delisle’s Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China. Using the graphic novel format, Deslile, a Quebecoise-born writer, shares his first hand observations of Shenzhen presenting the bizarre contradictions as West and East meet.

- Shenzhen: The Book - Travel Guide to to the city of Shenzhen