When you plan your trip to Shenzhen make a first stop online at the site of Shenzhen Tourist Board at http://www.shenzhentour.com/. This site offers information about lodging, dining, shopping, transportation, destinations and includes a calendar of events. It also features a helpful and comprehensive overview of the city, describing its latest economic development sine it was established as a special economic zone in 1980.


A nice feature of the website is a list of the latest news about recent developments in the city that may be of interest to the international present in locals newspapers. Some of these excerpts include news about bus lines outside Shenzhen, bus stops being renamed, new expressway to link Shenzhen and Hong Kong, new Shenzhen- Japan flights, and trends in home buying.

Online, other places where you'll find information about Shenzhen include:

Shenzhen Window: www.szptt.net.cn
Shenzhen Tourism Bureau: www.shenzhentour.com
Shenzhen Special Zone Daily: www.szszd.com.cn
Shenzhen Municipal Government Online: www.shenzhen.gov.cn