Spring City Square is in the center of Jinan and not a place to miss as it is next to one of Jinan's main attractions Baotu Springs and is a nice place to really see what kind of a place Jinan is. 

During the day you'll film people flying kites and stroling along. As it is a nice place to relax.
Also you'l find a lot of people going to the Mall underneath the square: Silver Plaza Shopping Mall

At Night hover Spring City Square is the most beautiful and entertaining place in Jinan.
As it is the place where alle the people gather to entertain them selfs.
You'll find people making music, inline skating, dancing doing sport and all kinds of entertainment.
However the main attractions are the fontains. 

If you'll visit Jinan the first thing you'll see on the square is the "Spring" statue. 
A magnificant blue statue that represents the springs of Jinan.

At 1930 untherneath this statue the fontains will begin, however if you'll just wait 30 more minutes.

At 20.00 the real spectacle begins as the square is lit by all the neon-light from buildings around the square and
the laser lights comming from the half circle (where underneath you'll find 3 history figures from Shandong, and on top
you'll have a beautiful vieuw) as the music starts playing the Lotus flouwer in a pound of water starts the bloom as a musical fountain.
Just like the one in Las Vegas. Starts to bloom. Its a beautiful site and you'll find a lot of people watching it.

The Square is during the day a nice place to hang out, with nature around you. While during the night you'll have the feeling as if your in a world city.  

It is definitly something you can not miss, especially at night!