So you're in Ningbo!  

You've finished dinner with your Chinese colleagues, and it's only 8pm.  What can you do in this unknown city?

A popular option for first time visitors is Lao Waitan, or Portman Plaza areas.  There are now many English-speaking bars there including, Le Cargoand Shamrock. Le Cargo is a French bar, and Shamrock is an Irish pub with real Guinness.  

If you want to meet other friendly expats who work and live in Ningbo, go to LBB Beer House.  aka. The Bar. Hidden down a small alley right in the middle of Ningbo you will find LBB the longest running bar in Ningbo, from the outside it can only be identified by its traditional red moon door. Frequented by foreign traders, musicians and teachers of all ages. This is not a trendy bar this is a gritty down to earth non pretentious place. In the front room you will find Super fast Wifi with VPN and soft leather sofas. Professional Brunswick pool table. Host to Ningbo's pool tournament every Tuesday. All major sports are shown on a huge flat screens in HD, with great sound. Large selection of drinks, ale and cold beers are served up by sexy waitresses who speak great English, Chinese and Filipino. In the back room you will find the resident house band NEO:Rush who play a unique blend of laid-back modern improvised jazz and electronica nightly (when not on tour) 

For a "downscale" experience, you must visit Phoenix, or Legends- these are older style bars with "entertaining" bar girls, pay for your drinks as you order them or be prepared for a large bar tab at the end of the night.