Not visited by most tourists but certainly worth a visit this 355,000 square foot plaza which has an important reminder of the violent past that Medellin had to endure. Two versions of The Bird by Botero. One is the remains of a bomb on this square and the other one the new version.  Flanked by San Antonio Church, the craft boulevard, food courts, an open air theatre as well as leisure areas, this plaza could be a great meeting place for larger crowds, but as is the emptiness of this huge plaza overwhelms you. It's a nice area to walk around during the day.

On weekend afternoons, Parque San Antonio comes to life, serving as a neighborhood social center. Tons of people walk through, folks sit at the streetside kiosks to drink beer, kids run around being kids, young people meet up to hang out for a while, policemen keep order, and vendors sell gum, cigarettes and water.