Atlantic city is good in the spring and summer months.

Not only Atlantic City..but all along the area has a extremely large amount of open coastline for the shore. After visiting Atlantic City you can actual drive all along the coast  thru Delaware and on to the Maryland Shore. The kids would probably enjoy this trip there are many things to do and see along the way. Lots of areas to bike or hike.

Inland too in the summer is very  beautiful country in New Jersey--lots of farms to buy produce..and generally roam around.

Atlantic City itself is great in the spring and summer...because of the can walk for as many miles as your feet will take you at the  oceans edge..lots of sand...sea...and  surf. Some of the Casinos control their front beach and shore areas with rentals for chairs..umbrellas...or midways with rides and games. Lots of easy fun..and outside to boot.

The Boardwalks are fun because they are open air...exercise...and tons of shops. Some of these shops are unusual and great to explore or actually shop at (as long as your  winning !!!)...there are a lot of tourist traps too....but if your in need of a quick reasonably priced item...or a bunch of souvieners....or a slice of pizza...or quick cone..  authentic  Greek Slouvaki..just about anything just can't go wrong..on the Boardwalk of Atlantic City in the spring and summer months.

Fall and winter is also great...but you must have the proper clothing to enjoy walking the BOARDWALK. The wind and cold come directly off the Atlantic Ocean in the cooler and winter months. But if you'd like to get some excercise and you've brought the right clothing with you to protect you can easily get in a mile or better of walking...........with a view !!!!....and then return to the for a return to the real action..of Atlantic City !!

Atlantic City...and the Jersey Shore...truly have something for everyone...outside or indoors !   Go ....  See for yourself.