Visitors should not necessarily be afraid of making a trip to Sinai and the Red Sea .  However, they should know about the risks involved with travel to the area so that they can take proper precautions to avoid danger.  Such risks include:

  • Bird Flu – The risk of this is low for travelers but visitors should know that locals have had problems with it.
  • Dehydration – This area is a hot, dry area and visitors are reminded to drink lots of (bottled) water to avoid problems related to the heat.
  • Health – Visitors are reminded that Hepatitis A, Polio and Typhoid are all problems in the area and immunizations are recommended prior to travel.
  • Terrorism – This is an area which is known for being unsafe in terms of being a high risk terrorist threat area.  Visitors have been victims of related problems over the past few years.
  • Women – Women traveling alone in the area are reporting fewer and fewer problems as time goes on.  However, this is a modest country and single women should behave appropriately to avoid threats.
More comprehensive information on safety in the area can be learned from the US Department of State for American travellers or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for UK travellers.