Swisscare Nuweiba Resort Hotel 

Nuweiba... peace, relaxation and tranquility



  Nuweiba beach front hotels

  Nuweiba & Tarabeen from the north

  Nuweiba port
 Early morning along the beach front  Nuweiba & Tarabeen from the north  Nuweiba port

For people seeking  a quiet and relaxing vacation in an area of outstanding beauty, head for Nuweiba. It is not for those who enjoy large, bustling, glitzy international resorts like Sharm el Sheikh 160 km to the south, or gigantic, super deluxe international hotels as in Taba some 60 km to the north.... Nuweiba is for those who strive for peace and tranquility, good, individual and often quite small hotels, beautiful spacious sandy beaches, excellent, uncrowded snorkelling and scuba diving sites, amazing scenery, real bedouin culture and life, as well as more than its fair share of history !

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  Sunrise over Swisscare Nuweiba pool Sunrise at Swisscare Nuweiba    Sunset Sinai Mountains   Moon rise at the Swisscare Nuweiba beach