Tavoro Waterfalls is part of Bouma Heritage Park and is probably the top of the list of things to do in Taveuni.

To get to the top falls ia a 3 hour up and down hill return hike; 3 trails of increasing difficulty taking you up into the hills above the village of Korovou and past the waterfalls of the Tavoro River.

The trail starts out with an easy 10-minute walk to the first and most famous waterfall of Fiji, Bouma Falls.  80 year old staggering mothers have made this one, it's an easy 'walk in the park, literlally.

Then the trail continues up a series of switchbacks (this is the hard part but only takes 20mins!) past great views of Qamea and Matagi and Laucala to the second falls. The third falls is an adventure.

Along the way you will see many of the birds and life of the Fiji Forest some of which can be heard nowhere else in Fiji (think endemics!). Cool off by swimming in all of the volcanic pools beneath the falls at each level.

You have to stop in at the Tavoro Visitor Center for entrance fee on the way in  and it's a good place to stop for drinks and refreshments after your walk.