If you are a UK resident and  hiring a motor cycle or scooter it is a legal requirement that you are in possession of a 1949 version of The International Driving Permit .

In The UK this can be obtained  by post  from The AA http://www.theaa.com/getaway/idp/    or in person from Selected Post offices which can be found in the link..

If you don't hold a UK driving license you can still get an IDP if you have a EU license and are resident in the UK. Follow this link: http://www.rac.co.uk/travel/driving-a... 

If you are a Resident of India you are required to be in the possession of a TWO WHEELER LISCENCE the same regulation that applies  in all states of India.

In Goa the only two wheelers that are legally registered  for hire  have Black/Yellow number plates and documents should be carried at all times.

Most two wheelers for hire in Goa are 100cc or above. The scooters may look like the Mopeds found in the UK but are not .A  full motorcycle liscence is required to legally ride them . . 

The driving system and laws are very similar to those of the  UK BUT unfortunately safe driving practices are NOT of the same standard so in the interests of personal safety  If In Doubt GIVE WAY. 

LATEST UPDATE  April 1st  2015     HELMETS

HELMETS ARE COMPULSORY  for riders on ALL GOAN ROADS  as from April 1st 2015: