The Indian state of Goa is truly a year round destination, and although most tourists choose not to visit during the monsoon season, this time of year has much to offer.

            The monsoon season begins around the month of June, when the hot temperatures of summer are cooled with an influx of clouds and rain.  For the next three months, rain clouds will often fill the sky and temperatures will drop, but this moisture has its benefits.  During this season, the countryside turns a lush green and plant life turns on its colors.  For more information about this uncrowned time of year, visit the Goa Monsoon Benefits page.

            There are two distinct tourist seasons during which certain areas will noticeably fill with visitors.  These times of year occur between October and January, and again during the month of May. 

            On average, the hottest months of the year are April and May, during which time the daily high temperatures will be in the 90’s (around 32 degree Celsius).  Some of the extremely hot days will see temperatures in the lower 100’s (around 37 degree Celsius).  The nighttime temperatures during these months will drop to the mid 70’s (around 21 degree Celsius).  Never during the year is the weather cold. 

            For more weather information, check out the Ten Day Forecast and the Monthly Temperature and Precipitation Averages page.

Goa Weather - 4 Day Forecast