Gurgaon is a working hub located just across the Delhi/ Haryana state border. It's not technically a suburb since it provides more office than domestic buildings; however it is in striking distance of Delhi, so people can live/ work in either place comfortably.

Gurgaon gives the impression of a new place that is still a work in progress. Each modern building is flanked with building sites. . Apart from the buildings, the landscape is flat, sparce and brown. Temperature wise, there is no greenery and very hot and humid place. Dusty roads near cybercity and horrible traffic.

Quick Tips/Suggestions:

Carry ample water in summers.  

If here for work, ensure all hotel/ transport issues are arranged for you in advance.

There are plenty of shopping malls in Gurgaon; other than that, you'll have to return to Delhi for cultural experiences and night life. Gurgaon may not be suitable for nightlife. Places like the Sahara Mall can be more like pick-up places and incidents of violence have been reported.

Tourists should beware of scams and stalkers.


There are autorickshaws in Gurgaon but DO refer to google maps and then based on distance negotiate fares with them. Always best to have the office or hotel to arrange your transport, particularly women traveling around after 8 pm.