You can reach Banglore city by train, or bus. If you are traveling by train get down at Banglore city junction or if you are traveling by Bus, get down at Majestic.

Try to Stay Near MAJESTIC. They are lot's hotels available at Majestic:

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Here are a few tours/ walks  that you can enjoy in Bangalore and get to know the city more: 


Bangalore city station the centre of the City- If you are new to the City the best thing is to get down here and take a pre-paid auto by standing in the queue and paying Rs.2/- at the counter and getting a bill for your destination along with the fare printed- No bargaining required. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation bus stand of majestic is just across the Road from where buses are available to nook and corner of the City. 


If you are coming into Bangalore by bus (state run transports) you have various bus stands split up owing to Metro construction works in city periphery

A. Majestic bus stand- The maor bus stand just across the City station- Govt. buses from Karnataka areas(Karnataka, Kadamba and MSRTC) (Hubli, Mangalore, Gulbarga, Belgaum, Shimoga, etc) alogn with buses coming from Shridi, Mumbai, Goa all terminate here. buses from Andhra pradesh (Hyderabad) pas through this bus stand

 B. Mysore Road Satellite bus stand- Located about 6 kms from City station, the buses from Mysore side coming from Kerala (Calicut, Ernakulam, Trivandrum) as well as Coimbatore, as well as Tamilnadu state run ordinary services (Non-Deluxe) terminate at this bus stand

C. Shantinagar bus stand- Located about 6 kms from City station towards Hosur Road, Deluxe buses coming from Tamilnadu side (Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, Rameshwaram) as well as Kerala buses (Karnataka/Tamilnadu state Deluxe services) coming via Salem/Coimbatore terminate at this bus stand alosng with Karnataka/Andhra Pradesh state buses from Tirupati, Vijayawada,Vishakapatnam,Nellore etc 


From Majestic You will get bus to any corner of the city and viseversa.

At Majestic you will find control room where you can ask for bus number to go for any part of the city, there is also a big map attached to wall at local bus depot at Majestic to find the bus routes. You should be able to buy a map there or carry a print out with you.

If your staying at different place, here is a list of other big bus stands:

  • BTS, imp jun of major routes near lalbag
  • Jayanagar, soutj
  • Banashankari, South west
  • BTM south east
  • Vijaynagar, west
  • malleswaram,North west
  • Yeshawantpur, Far north west
  • Domlur, East

Auto rickshaw : Before traveling by rikshaw you should know how far the destination is and then talk with rikshaw driver and fix fare before you sit in rickshaw. Even if he says he will go with meter ask him for rough idea about fare. Still, the best way is to fix the rate in advance.

When coming back you can get train ticket at Banglore City Junction railway station, Government bus tickets are available at the bus depot (whre you get buses for different state). Or you can go to one of many traveling agents available, where you can get the ticket to your home.

Biggest problem is language,as everyone speaks Kannada. Bus conductors or auto riksha drivers can talk in Hindi or English.