The great question: "Will you see a tiger?" The fact is they are rather illusive and everyone has opinions about which route to take, the time of day to go, etc. Here's a little perspective: for every 10 groups a senior India tour guide  brings through the park two times a day - in the morning and at night, 5 get a chance to see a tiger.

April, May and  June are the best times to see the tigers, if one can bear the heat. The park closes then for monsoons.

The Canters are cumbersome and the diesel version scare the animals away.So please avoid them until you have a big group of more than 6 people.

May june should defenetly be avoided if you have young children as its very very hot.  Always carry your own water bottles with you.

Visit the Ranthambore fort And  keep a full morning ..sunrise for it. Best chance if you missed the tiger you might spot one here at Sunrise..avoid afternoon, too hot.