Agra rests grandly and statuesquely in the state of Uttar Pradesh, which is located in the northern region of India. It is below the Himalayas and part of the great northern plains. The city lies on the west bank of River Yamuna. The most prominent reason why people come from all over India and all over the world is to see the grand Taj Mahal, one of the 8 wonders of the world and an immortal tribute to love. The stature of Taj, set amongst a calm garden, is awe-inspiring. As Agra was the seat of the great Mughal rulers for many years, there remain other vestiges of its powerful history, with historical monuments in and around the city dating back to the 16th and 17th century. Emperor Akbar built Fatehpur Sikri, the beautiful city of red sandstone, near Agra. The city itself Agra is also known for its handicraft products.

Sadly, however, the city’s infrastructure has been left to ruin by an ill-managed and heavily corrupted government. There is unclean water and inadequate sanitation throughout the city. Often times during the day, it is difficult to see through plumes of pollution over the horizon.  The city itself is vastly overpopulated, filled with fetid alleyways, serpentine bazaars and deteriorating dwellings. Since it is such a touristed place, it has also become victim of tourism scams, as there are many merchants and tour guides who try to rip tourists off. In addition, everywhere one goes one will encounter a sea of beggars, impoverished and disabled. While this is the sad reality of the city, once one accepts this fact and looks to see past these physical barriers and impediments, one will see a city full of gems and architectural masterpieces.  It can not be forgotten.

Tajmahal has overshadowed the the city Agra as a tourist destination. Agra has too many beautiful buildings to offer to the tourists from all over the world. This is a three day destination which includes so many day excursions to Chambal safari, Bharatpur bird sancutary and many more. Some one can take a walk in the old bazars of Agra to understand and see the local life which originates from sixteenth centuary.  or plan a day trip to Vrindavan to see holy temples of Lord Krishna, centre of Hinduism.  

 Agra has seven five star hotels which ensures a safe, comfartable and luxurious traveling in Agra. There are thousands of budget class hotels too in the city for backpackers. Few restaurents of Agra has got international recognition for their delicious food and dining experience. 

One thing which is missing in Agra is night life. Nothing has been done to promote it.  

Tajmahal, Agra fort, shopping arcades and restaurents, all are nearby in Agra. No need to travel long in the car. This is a plus point in Agra's sightseeing.  Tourists spend a quality time at monument, not in the car driving on the road.