The official sites for Denpasar tourism are adequate for basic travel and events information, but beyond that they are somewhat disappointing.

Denpasar’s Government Tourism Office website has many, many bad links—although the site provides much information regarding Balinese culture, events, and attractions, portals to promising sections such as “Places of Interest” discouragingly dead-end.  Furthermore, many pages, like that for “About Us,” lose much in translation, often to the point that advice and general knowledge reading regarding the capital is too broken and incoherent for comprehension.  Use this site for filling up your itinerary with sights to see, but not for too much more.

Only slightly better is the city’s other official web presence .  Good with the events and shopping representation, the virtual tour of Denpasar is worth a perusal.  The endlessly aggravating aspect of the city’s online home, however, lies in what would be an incredibly useful directory function were it not for lack of translation or easy interface for straightforward advice geared towards the first-timer to Bali.  Use this directory function only if you already know the places where you want to stay, see, or shop.

The advice available at Glimpse Indonesia’s Denpasar division is meager but fills a nightlife info niche, and Bali sites help inform visitors how to get to and from the city. The official site for Indonesia’s most impressive cultural event, the Bali Arts Festival, which takes place in Denpasar, provides a decent amount of useful info about itself.

Otherwise, check the recommended reading for Denpasar and Bali entire to get more quality travel tips .