While Indonesia is largely a Muslim nation, Bali is home to a pocket of Hinduism, and this can be seen in the local religions and culture. Hindus from the Majaphit Empire first colonized the area in the 14th century, and following its collapse another wave of settlers arrived on the island. However, the style of Balinese Hinduism differs greatly from that of India.

The result is that Bali is home to a culture that is quite unique, even in the rather westernized resorts of Kuta. This can also be seen across the island however in the traditional architecture and foods of the island, as well as the dance and music.

And while Indonesia is a Muslim nation the area of Bali, and certainly Kuta is very secular. At resorts it isn’t uncommon to see attire that would be considered outrageous or scandalous in other parts of Indonesia! Likewise, alcohol is produced and served throughout much of Bali. The local beer is quite popular and the most popular is Bintang, which can be found across Bali. Wine is also produced on Bali, but the quality has something be desired. If you’re indulging during meals, stick with the imported wine but be sure to sample the local brew.