Located in southern Bali, Indonesia, this former fishing village is today a center of tourism, with sun-baked beaches, resorts, bars and fantastic accommodations.

The first migration to Bali, including the region of Kuta began around 2500 BC when settlers arrived from the Asian mainland. This was followed by later arrivals of Hindu peoples from the Indian subcontinent around 100BC.

About 1500 years later the area colonized by Hindus from the Majaphit Empire, and following its collapse another wave of settlers arrived on the island. It was discovered by the Europeans in 1597, and the Dutch set up trading posts as part of the Dutch East India Company. During the 19th century the area was colonized outright by Holland. Dutch control lasted until World War II, when the area was occupied by the Japanese. Liberated at the end of the war the island of Bali was given its independence from Holland and it became part of the Republic of East Indonesia before becoming part of the United States of Indonesia. In 1950 Bali renounced Dutch rule. It is is now a province within the Republic of Indonesia.

In the fall of 2002 the tourist resort of Kuta was the site of a car bomb attack, but recent efforts have been made by Indonesian authorities to ensure the safety of visitors.