Ubud is known as the art center of Bali, and that includes the art of cooking.  Ubud offers a full variety of cooking courses, ranging from the village family-style up through high-end fusion, from a half-day to full week programs. 

Pulu Bali Cooking Class Tengkulak Art Village ( 2km south east of Ubud). Phone +62 813 9143 0120

You will be made to feel at home in this traditional family house at Tengkulak, right in Ubud, as you try your hand at traditional Balinese cooking.  Desak will accompany you to the traditional Sukawati market to source fresh herbs and spices, fresh vegetables and cuts of meats. Your expereince starts with traditional coconut oil processing while you learn to make a simple offering using bamboo weaving.  Spices and vegetables are picked from the herbal garden to create a number of traditional Balinese dishes, including a yummy dessert.  Additional experiences can include the Tengkulak village, a local wood carver, a tour of an eco-friendly organic coffee plantation and touring a temple. Classes are friendly and relaxed, recipes and notes are supplied, along with a parting gift.  Morning and afternoon classes are available. Free pick-up in Ubud area.

Lobong Cooking School  http://www.lobongcooking.com Kedewatan (2 km west of Ubud).  Phone:  +62 812 365 1778

Lobong is a family-run operation and a first-rate cultural and culinary experience.  Head Chef Dewa has many years of experience in one of Bali's top rated kitchens, and is skilled at explaining to the newest of cooks how to achieve the best results.  The morning classes include pickup and a visit to a traditional market off the beaten tourist track and a thorough discussion of the fresh ingredients to be used in the menu preparation.  The family has added a spacious, clean facility for teaching that allows everyone to participate and later to dine in comfort, but a maximum of 12 participants ensures you feel like part of the family.  Mother shows how they make their own fresh coconut oil, and before sitting down to a spectacular meal you have helped to prepare, you get to follow her into the family temple to make the daily offerings. A great experience for the whole family.  Call to ask if they have a culinary walk planned -- a morning hike along the river to collect from the wild some of the fern tips, ginger, etc. that will go into the day's menu.  Parting gifts include a small bottle of fresh coconut oil and a booklet with all the recipes and cooking tips.

Paon Bali Cooking Class  http://www.paon-bali.com/  Laplapan Village (3 km north of Ubud).  Phone:  +62 813 3793 9095 

The focus at Paon Bali is clearly food and cooking, but it differs from other cooking schools by integrating teaching about local ingredients and cooking styles into a village cultural experience.  This excursion into ordinary life in the village is delightful, and has the ability to translate the picturesque village idyll into the reality of daily life – planting rice in your sawah, making your family’s daily offerings, and producing oil from your coconuts so the cook in your family can produce the most magical flavors.  The experience starts at the Ubud traditional market in the morning and then moves up to the family kitchen and garden in Laplapan village, just north of Ubud.  This is excellent for older children and adults, and even old-hat visitors will learn something new.  You can choose meat or vegetarian dishes, and they offer free pick up in Ubud.

Bumbu Bali Restaurant http://www.bumbubaliresto.com Jalan Suweta 1 (across from the Palace at the crossroads) Phone/Fax : +62 361 974 217 

The kitchen team at Bumbu Bali Restaurant lead half-day cooking programs beginning with a visit to the Ubud traditional market just down the street – though once you finish eating and chatting it’s often after 3pm!  Guests participate in preparing a variety of dishes in a pleasant, informal environment.  They have a vegetarian course menu as well as non-vegetarian, and you should let them know which you would like when you book your class.  They offer an additional day’s class, as well, that offers another menu of (non-veg) traditional dishes, for a total of three possible class days with different menus and minimal overlap (menus on their website).  You get a booklet of recipes to take home and use to impress your friends and family. 

Casa Luna Cooking School  http://www.casalunabali.com cooking school. Second Honeymoon Guest House, Jalan Bisma, Ubud.  Phone/Fax: +62 361 973 282 

The Casa Luna Cooking School is the most comprehensively structured of all the courses in Ubud and after a full week of classes you will have a good understanding of not just Balinese ingredients and cooking techniques, but the role of ritual and religion in Balinese food, too.  Take one class or all – there is a different, unique menu offered each day (daily except Saturday, check the schedule on their website for details), with market visits included in Tuesday and Thursday classes.  Friday is beginners day, so if you have only one day to dabble in Balinese cooking, this is probably the best day for you.  Sunday excursions to East Bali to visit palm sugar and salt-makers is a unique opportunity to see a different side of Balinese life, and would make an interesting tour by itself.  Classes are limited in size and are very popular during June, July and August – make sure you book well in advance.

The Mozaic Culinary Workshop http://www.mozaic-bali.com/   Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali 80571  Phone / Fax. +62 361 975 768  info@mozaic-bali.com 

Mozaic is Ubud’s completely justified claim to culinary fame (Miele Guide #6 in Asia’s Finest Restaurants 2010/2011; Top 50 Restaurants in Asia, 2009) and they have added a Culinary Workshop (definitely not just a cooking school) to complement it.  This is more like a Bali Disney World for Foodies.  They offer recreational classes for tourists that highlight the innovative use of fresh local ingredients – you will dream about the ginger flower sorbet that is created in this class.  This is not all rocket science – workshops can be tailored to all different skill levels.  Visiting Chefs from around the world might offer beginning and advanced classes.  If you are traveling with a group of Foodies, the Workshop’s beautiful open kitchen, living and dining area make a  fabulous “cooking class and dinner” combination, or a very special Chef’s Table private dinner.  You get a very cool booklet of recipes to take home.  Definitely book in advance.

Payuk Bali Cooking Class http://www.payukbali.com Learn how to make a Balinese Cuisine such Sate Lilit, Nasi Kuning, Sambel Bali , etc. The chef provides a very hands-on personal experience, starting with a trip to the local market to buy fresh ingredients before the cooking school. The setting is lovely, with a beautiful outdoor teaching kitchen overlooking a steep gorge and the river. The written menu and notes are very useful. Address: Laplapan Village Ubud, Gianyar Bali - 80571 Indonesia Phone: +62 361 8987854 Mobile: +62 81 246 368226 Email: info@payukbali.com.

Jambangan Bali Cooking class http://jambanganbalicookingclass.com in Ubud Start at the traditional market, see the rice farmer and visit a Balinese house to see real Balinese family life. Learn some simple and authentic dishes, coconut oil processing and how to make kelabang or slangsah from coconut leaves. Free hotel pick up in the Ubud area. Address: jalan raya kelabang moding- Ubud, Bali  phone +6281 338 344 388 Email : ade.lotus@yahoo.com

Ubad Ubud Bali Cooking Class http://www.ubadubudbali.com Discover a fascinating introduction in to the exotic ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali set in Balinese compound. This half-day cooking class introduce you to the beautiful of balinese culture life and giving you a knowledge of balinese herbal secrets. Contact Email: info@ubadubudbali.com Phone: 082144419932 (Made) 

Balinese Farm Cooking School http://balinesecooking.net in Taro Village ( 30 minutes drive to north of Ubud). Phone +62 812 395 344 46 

A newly established cooking school set in the organic farm of a quiet village, The owners  grow their own root spices, vegetables and fruit.Learn the simple way of cooking Balinese food with chef Ketut and get the ideas of substitute ingredients you can use in your country.The experience will include a traditional market visit, hotel transfer for Ubud area hotel, recipe book and apron. contact: info@balinesecooking.net, call/text:  +62 812 395 344 46

Balinese Hands on Cooking Class http://cookingclassubud.com located in the middle of Organic in the village of Patas (30 minutes north of Ubud) call / text / whatsapp / wechat / viber / line / kakaotalk:  +62 81999 111669, email: info@balifarmcooking.com

Learn a great deal of Balinese food and ways to cook it that takes you to acquire much insight into the village culture and traditions of sustainable farming and food. The cooking school is hosted by such vibrant young people who live what they believe and stay true to their cultural values . Furthermore, they are going to demonstrate much insight into the use of traditional food and cooking not only to promote good health, but also how food can be a medicine to manage chronic health, which in todays economic environment where governments and insurance companies struggle to fund basic healthcare is becoming a vital issue for every one.

Ubad Ubud cooking school http://ubadubudbali.com is within Ubud in a beautiful family compound. The class was run skillfully and with humour by Puspa and her helpers.  A short introduction to Bali family life and then eight dishes were taught including traditional techniques. The meal was then consumed in a beautiful surrounding with a final touch of demonstrating relish carving of swans and roses. Notes about all the herbs and ingredients were given.