The Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Center is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

There is a wide range of activities to choose to from. It was the only place that offered silvermaking and music  at the same place, same time. Compared to other places, it was slightly cheaper here as well.  

The silvermaking could take up to three hours but it is possible to finished in slightly over two hours.  

Music lesson start at one hour. To do both the gamelan and the bamboo required two hours. Nyoman, the instructor was excellent. Even with tourists, he really wants people to master the skills. He belongs to a local musician group that performances ever Sunday. 

 Booking should be made the previous day. 

 The center is not air-conditioned and toilets are clean but... flushing done by buckets.

The location is in central Ubud. On Monkey Forest Road BUT across the football field. It is in the alley behind Tutmak Cafe.  

East Side of football field on Monkey Forest Road right in Central Ubud.
Open Daily 9am - 9pm.
For more information: Tel. 0361 976194