There are literally tons of things that you can do in Ubud during the day. The first and most obious thing is to just walk around and look at all the wild life and beauty. Ubud has some breath taking scenery, and to not stop and enjoy it would be foolish. You can go bike riding on designated paths, or you can go off in the woods and make your own trail. It is advised that you be well prepared if you go out into the woods though. It's best to go with a partner. There are many rivers around Ubud, and you can go rafting down them, which is great fun with friends or family. You can also go kyaking down the rivers. Sometimes you can get guided tours for this, but you can also do it by yourself if you wish to. If you head out into the woods a bit you can do some great bird watching. There are dozens and dozens of different species out there, and it is a bird watchers paradise. You can go fishing as well in the rivers or out in the ocean if you want to travel for it, and this can be very rewarding as well. If you want to travel a bit outside, you can now go elephant riding also. The Bali Elephant Safari Park is not that far out of Ubud and provides an excellent and peacefull Elephant experience. Nigel and Yani Mason run this park where 27 rescued Sumartran elephants now call home. You can get up close with these beautiful animals, feeding and touching them and at the same time help support a good cause. You can indulge in an elephant ride although animal lovers and others with consciences will consider that elephant riding is not good for the elephant (their spines have a hard enough time dealing with their huge weight without also having to carry the heavy load of a carriage and passengers). You can then indulge in a little lunch at the scrumptious buffet.

Another good thing to do is to head to the top of the mountain, where fantastic views of the volcano and lake await. The last time this volcano erupted was 1997 and the land around it is still blackened from it's eruption. The view is spectacular - not to be missed. The charge to enter the area is around 5000 IDR per person but it is well worth it. No recommendations for lunch though, it's not great!

Pick yourself up an island guide for 50000 IDR from a Circle K for an insiders guide to the country - broken down by area - it has some excellent tips and tricks - highly recommended!