Sightseeing in Pecinan (China Town) is one of things to do in Semarang. The location is in city centre. In the morning, visit Gang Baru traditional market. It is a street that use for traditional market with best quality fruit and fresh fish, crab, and other sea product.

Try some unique Semarang food like Soto Ayam and Loenpia (like spring roll) in Pecinan. Visit some Klenteng (Chineese temple) in Pecinan is easy things to do. The most famous is Temple at Gang Lombok (Lombok Street). 

In the evening many traditional food stall which sell another unique meal like Nasi Ayam (Chicken and rice), Mie Jowo (Javaneese noodle), and many kind of Chineese food.  

If you stay around City center, Pemuda road, or around Simpang Lima, you can go to Pecinan using Becak (traditional tricylce).