In Medan you won't have much sightseeing things to do except for the historical place such as Maimoon Palace or the Masjid Raya and certainly most of the people only knew that Kesawan was the place for the old chinatown. But there is actually a place where the locals used to call 'Chinatown' for this place, it is located on the Surabaya Street where the Swiss Bel-inn located as well. Formerly situated as the market  or 'mall look-alike' back in 1970 which really a crowded place and all the locals used to do their shopping there.

But the trend has shifted because of the mall booming and they much prefered to move away to the malls but there are certainly a few things that the tourist didn't know to do here. You may want to put in your 'list to do' when visiting Medan.