Driving in Lombok can be difficult for some Westerners, as the traffic rules are very different and sometimes it seems as if there are no rules at all! People going through red lights, merging into traffic with no indicating and driving in the middle of the road are just the start! Drivers need to be 21-years or older to rent a car, and insurance it typically required. In Indonesia they drive on the left of the road with the steering wheel on the right. Most of the cars are manual transmissions (stick shift), so be prepared when you arrive. Likewise an international drivers license is required, but a temporary permit can be obtained why you arrive. You can either rent a car or rent a car and driver through tour companies in Senggigi along Jalan Raya Senggigi for quite cheap prices. The drivers know the best spots so it can be more beneficial to go with one. 

If you’re only heading out near the resort area then a bicycle is one good way to travel about. The rural roads are scenic and lightly traveled. Furthermore, if you need to go a bit further you can rent a motorbike or scooter as well. You are required to wear a helmet when riding a motorbike in Lombok, and these are provided when you rent the bike. Most westerners feel comfortable riding a motorbike but again the roads can be quite dangerous if you do not know the rules. 

Another option is to ride in the cidomo horse drawn carts. These have actually become very touristy in some parts of the island, but are still a preferred method of travel for many of the locals as well. These can be slower going than a car but they can get you to your destination while you take in the sights at a comfortable pace. A problem with Cidomos is that they generally charge a higher price for foreigners than locals although it is quite decently priced.