Summer is the time to head to Praslin Island.  Praslin Island is located in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that when it is summer in places such as the United States and Europe, is winter in Praslin Island, but a Praslin Island winter is actually a beautiful time of year.  It is warm enough to enjoy the local beaches, which is always a summer treat, but it is cooler than in other months of the year there.  One thing travelers should know is that the sun is very bright and intense throughout the year so sunglasses and sunscreen are important.

During the typical winter months, beginning in approximately October and continuing through April, it is summer in Praslin Island.  Summer there is quite hot, with high levels of humidity.  It is also muggy, with the rainy season starting in the beginning of December.  The rain continues throughout March, usually in spurts of intense storm. 

It is humid during the typical summer months (beginning in May and continuing through September) but it is cool enough temperature wise at that time of year that the humidity is not uncomfortable.

Additional information about the weather throughout the larger area of Seychelles is available online at .  Updated weather information specific to Praslin Island is available online at =.