By car:  Travelers can rent a car on Praslin Island, although it is strongly advised that plans to do so be made in advance because car rental options are limited.  Because of those limitations, car rental may also be somewhat expensive.  Travelers should also be aware that car rental requires specific insurance (see for additional information).  It is not necessary to have a car to get around, but travelers who opt to do so will find that a car may be useful for getting to certain secluded beaches in the area.

By bus:  Travelers who do not want to navigate the area by car will find that the local bus is a convenient method of getting around.  Buses run daily beginning at approximately five in the morning and continuing until approximately nine or ten at night.

By taxi:   Travelers can supplement bus usage with taxi hire.   Taxis are relatively inexpensive, and the rates are standardized by the local government so travelers should not have to worry about exorbitant independent rates.

By bicycle:   One of the best methods of getting around Praslin Island , at least during the daytime hours, is to rent a bicycle.   Local hotels frequently rent bicycles to their guests at fair prices.