Interestingly, one of the best places to do some local souvenir shopping in Praslin Island is in the local hotels.   Most of the hotels have gift shops where travelers can pick up everything from small trinkets to expensive jewelry items, all local to the area.   More information about the hotels in the area where travelers might want to check for gifts shops can be found at .

Travelers should make it a point to stop and purchase some of the local art work of George Camille, a Praslin Island painter who has become internationally known for his unique artistic style.  His works can be viewed at the gallery of his work which is named after him.  Framed paintings and prints can also be purchased at this same location.

Visitors planning to purchase items to take back with them should know about a few restricted export items.  For the most part, these will not be an issue as they are natural items (shells, coco-de-mer which has not been processed, and live local animals) but travelers should be aware of them in case they consider purchasing such items on the local black market.  Items which should be purchased in the area include pottery, textiles and basketry.

Information about good shopping opportunities all throughout Seychelles is available online at .