There are three things which first time visitors must make it a point to see while they are visiting Praslin Island; the beautiful beaches, the national bird, and the famous palm trees.  They are all fairly hard to miss, with the beaches being the most obvious draw to the area.  The most famous of all of the beaches is Anse Lazio ( ) which has gorgeous coral reefs not to be missed by travelers, but there are numerous smaller beaches which may be enjoyed by travelers during their first visit to the area.  Some of these smaller beaches include Anse Volbert ( ) and Anse Georgette ( ).

The other two main draws, the black parrot and the coco de mer palm tree, can both be seen by one visit to the same location, the Valle de Mai.  This is a forest which offers travelers the unique experience of lush forest landscape.  It is home to the famous black parrot as well as to several other rare species of birds.  It is also home to the coco de mer palm which is famous for producing the largest nut in the world.

First time visitors should also make it a point to keep an eye out for the giant tortoises which are bred on Curieuse Island ( ).