Praslin Island is not a place where people are particularly inclined to be motivated to go indoors.  Instead, travelers spending time at Praslin Island want to be out enjoying the beaches and the lush vegetation of the nature surrounding the area.  It is a romantic spot where relaxing days are capped off with enjoyable evenings.  As a result, there are not an abundance of museums in Praslin Island.  The local attractions really are the local nature spots, with the beaches being the most popular places to visit during any Praslin stay.

Travelers interested in exploring the indoors a bit should make it a point to stop at the George Camille Gallery which is home to the art work of a local artist who gained international fame for his work.  This is a terrific way to see some of the local culture of Praslin Island.

Travelers who want to explore more formal museums should head to nearby Mahe to check out the offerings there.  The two best Mahe museum choices are the National Museum of History and the Seychelles Natural History Museum.  The first is the best option for exploring the cultural history of the area and the former is excellent for learning about the nature of the area.

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