A great trip for anyone with an interest in architecture is the State University of New York-Albany uptown campus podium.  The University offered visitor parking a fair distance from the podium so visitors should wear comfortable walking shoes.  The Podium consists of a large bell tower and a large water fountain that operates seasonally.  

 The architectural style is reminiscent of that seen in the 1970, meanting rectangular.  The podium itself is rectangular and enclosed on each side by lecture halls.  Due to the size first time visitors may feel a lack or orientation to the area.  Note that the campus is marked on each corner by a 24-story tower.  

 Downtown campus is home to Rockefeller College and contrasts the uptown campus in it's traditional academic style.  The uptown campus is unique, some people find the architectural style somewhat impersonal and sterile however you should see it for yourself, it makes a nice walk.