The major attraction is the Galle Fort & its fortifications. A unique feature would be the "Fort Jumpers" who jump from the fort in to the ocean for the pleasure of the on lookers. The sunset from the fort is breath taking, specially from Flag Rock Bastion. Also while inside the fort, you could enjoy the world famous cuisines which have been recommended by many traveler magazines.

Inside the city there are 3 musuems you could visit (1 privately owned). There're many boutique hotels outside the Fort area where you could enjoy a nice beach holiday.

Getting to Galle from Colombo is very easy now since there's the new Southern expressway. It'll only take one hour for the journey.

During the months of November to April, visiting Mirissa is advisable for some Whale & Dolphin watching. Also people could witness stilt fishermen. The best up coming beach is Unawatuna beach which is about 10 minutes drive from Galle.

Galle Fort

Either buy a book on the Fort or enlist the help of Ms. Juliet Coombe who will provide a twalking tour of the Fort.  Must see will be the Black Fort, All Saints and Dutch Reformed Church, Old Library, Lighthouse, Clocktower and walking on the ramparts, The Mosque at sun rise/ sun set, Sri Sudarmalaya Buddhist Temple, Mansion Musium, Court Square, The Akersloot Bastion with the oldes Breadfruit tree in Sri Lanka, Old Hospital Building.

 Cool yourself with a drink at Crep o Logy or Fortaleza, have breakfast at Fort Dew Rooftop Cafe,  a Sri Lankan meal at Mama's or Indian Hut, High Tea at Amangalle. Try Allora for authentic pizza and Peddlars Innn Cafe for great soups and dessert. 


Take a tuk tuk early morning to enjoy half a day at this secluded cove. There are 2 coves, chose the less crowded one.


 Rs.250-300 away is Unawatuna. Lovely strech of beach. Go down Welledevale Rd to experience a hive of activity and shops. Lots of restaurants.