Chonburi is the capital of Chonburi province. Located about a 100 km east of Bangkok, its an hour travel time by bus or car. The bus cost is 68 baht OW from Ekkamai bus station in Bangkok. It lets passenger off at the Eastern Hotel where it is also the smaller terminal and currently main station for this route. 68 baht return trip to Bangkok and buses leave hourly from 06:00 to 20:00. If taking a taxi a price must be negotiated first, 600 to 800 baht is common. If arriving by motorbike you will not be allowed to use the elevated highway and travel time will be 2 hours.

Chonburi has all the comforts of a western city with hotels, a hospital, many restaurants including seafood dining on the ocean, a shopping mall, major supermarkets, a local football team, a few fresh markets for finding fish/meats/vegetables etc. etc. etc. and a fish and wildlife sanctuary.

Taxi's are hard to find here however motor bike taxi's abund and can take you anywhere. Nightlife is more local with a few expats and tourists. Not so busy still not hard to find and anyone is welcome, a good idea would be to find those restaurants with live bands.

The Central Plaza mall has every store you need leaving out the high end brand names. Many eateries, grocery, bakery and a Big C. Sad to say the many book stores don't offer english language books yet. There is a seven screen cinema here though a normal day will have only one English language film showing. Some Thai films will have the sub titles.

Football day is a bit crazy in this city and a live match is a must do. Seats at Chonburi Stadium sell for 60 baht and 80 baht the later being on the sidelines. There is seating numbers but in this full house its first come first served and your ticket is only good for your section. Sharks Cafe named after the Chonburi Sharks FC is the second best venue for the live match. Inside and outside dining it holds two large projection screens and a few smaller flat screens. The Sharks are part of the Thailand Premiere League.

Towns close to Chonburi and part of Chonburi province are Ang Sila, Bang Saen, Sriracha and Pattaya.