just opend in Hua Hin

Hin Hin Floating Market

There are 2 Floating Markets in south Hua Hin

Shopping, eating out and attractions there.


A 20-30 minute drive by the samthong cab from the Market Village would bring you to the two Floating Markets. The Floating Market is basically just a model built to resemble the actual. There are mini boats and a small canal going round and there are small shops selling various artefacts, garments, food stuffs, etc. You could take a round of these two models in about 30-60 minutes. They are very near each other. If you have come to one make the hop to the other one also. You could take a 20 baht per head boat trip round the canal, not a big deal, just something to do having come all the way. There is lot of tourist activity around here but note that this is only a model not the real thing. Just a tourist attraction with the accompanying shops.