Ever pet a seashell kitty? Ever bathed with hand-carved orchid soap that looks too pretty to use (Thailand is famous for its orchids)? Ever wrapped yourself in a soft, silk scarf made by local silkworms? Go to market any day in Krabi and Ao Nang and that's what you'll find, along with a hand-weaved basket to put everything in as you buy.

You'll find paintings, artistry, souvenirs, and don't forget Thai food, which you'll find on every street and every street corner, whether in a restaurant or at a kiosk or from a mobile vendor: grilled bananas, spicy chicken soup with coconut milk, fresh shrimp. Or you can buy the ingredients for your own Thai creation: tamarind, curry, fresh vegetables or fruit (like lyches), and a lot more, and at decent prices for the  most part. The Thai people take pride in their cuisine.

You'll also find rattan and rosewood furiture, antiques, gems, clothing, and Nielloware, a longstanding Thai craft in which gold and silver items such lamps, boxes, and vases are etched and inlayed with metal. Henna tatoos are fun and eventually fade. Try your hand at bargaining with the vendors, and pat yourself on the back when you successfully talk them down.