Taxis are by far the best way to get anywhere in Jerba, no matter how far you are going. Public buses are unreliable, dangerous and confusing, so don't even bother with them. By Western standards, taxis on the island are dirt cheap. A 15km ride in a taxi costs about 5 dinars, the equivalent of one US dollar. Even a 5-hour tour of the island will only set you back about 50 dollars. Numerous taxis are cruising around at all times of the day or night, so finding one isn't a problem. For longer distances, there is even a cheaper option, which is to find a minivan-style taxi. The downside to this is that you must pay for all 5 seats in the taxi, even if you are traveling in a group of less than five people. Once you find a taxi driver you like, ask for his phone number and he will be happy to come pick you up and give you a ride whenever.

    One word of advice, though, is to not get into a taxi if somebody else is already in there. This could be a potentially dangerous situation. Also, try not to ride in unlicensed "black" taxis, as this could also be dangerous.