Tourists traveling to Hammamet will most likely fly into the Tunis-Carthage Airport ( +216 (0)1 755 000) which is approximately 70 km from the city and handles international flights.

since may 2011 the new airport at edfidha opened and this is the airport for mammamet. sousse and port el kantoui
Buses, taxis and car rental agencies are all available at the airport to connect travelers to Hammamet.
A yellow taxi can take you into the city or if you prefer to the Hammamet Louage station where you can hire a Louage (a shared car with driver) to drive you to the city.  The trains and busses are a less expensive way to travel but you'll have a longer wait as the timetable for departures is not as frequent.   A Louage or taxi is the quickest way to go.
Fares and travel times to Hammemt from the airport:
Louage : less than 8 TD (Tunisian Dinars) per person.
Yellow Taxi: less than 5 TD.
Train: less than 4 TD per person.
Bus: less than 4 TD per person.
Make sure to change money at the airport before leaving, and if taking a taxi insist that the driver put the meter on so you know what the fare will be.

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