Antalya is generally safe. 

Travellers need to be aware however that the Health and Safety Regulations that many are used to throughout Europe or the USA do not exist.  

It is sensible to exercise the same caution that you would at home. Don't go down dark streets alone, be careful where you keep your wallet etc. Don't go to places with someone you don't know. Use the hotel safe for passports and other valuables. 

Many floors in hotels are marble so do exercise extra care especially in high heels or if the floor is wet. Also take care on balconies, roof terraces etc.  

There is a good health system in Antalya but it is not free so adequate holiday insurance is essential. For minor illnesses the pharmacies (Eczane) are the first port of call. They are open from 8.30-18.00 Monday to Sunday. At night and on Sundays there is a duty system and every pharmacy will have the details of the duty (Nöbet) pharmacy on the door.  Many medications are available over the counter that are only available on prescription elsewhere. 

Hospitals range from the government to the private. Some of the larger private are Medline, Medical Park, Olympos, Yaşam, Memorial to name a few. You will pay for a consultation initially then depending on the utcome for treatment and any medicines. You will also pay at the government hospitals as well.There are smaller medical centres (Tıp Mekezi  or Poliklinik). Most centres have translators available and a lot of staff have some knowledge of other languages. 

 Dentists are private.  Emergency work to planned more cosmetic work is available and good. They do work out cheaper than a lot of other countries. Most clinics are modern and offer the best care.