Getting around Antalya is relatively easy for visitors once they have adjusted to the area and oriented themselves.  Many visitors opt to rent a car upon arrival at the Antalya International Airport.  Doing so may be a convenient method of getting around and is considered to be relatively inexpensive.  However, it is not necessary to rent a car.  The public transportation options in Antalya are efficient, convenient and inexpensive so tourists are able to use them easily to get to most major destinations and attractions.  The taxis in Antalya are also reliable and relatively inexpensive.  Many tourists opt to use public transportation and to supplement it with occasional taxi rides and / or tours in order to get the most out of their Antalya vacation.  Using public transportation not only allows visitors to see all of the area but also to mingle with locals.

The public transportation consists of three different options which can be combined to get to all attractions and popular locations.  The main mode of public transportation is the local bus which gets visitors to nearly every part of the city.  The other two options are the dolmus and the train or tramway.  More information about these public transportation options is online at .

The tramway is currently being extended so access to the airport and Expo 2016 is available from the city centre. This is due to be completed by the end of April 2016.