After a long tiring day in the Capoadocia region probably the best thing you can do is visiting Urgup Sehir Hamami (, the Turkish bath house which is situated in the town center. It is more than a 100 years old stone building on North side of the square in the centre of Urgup town. In terms of its architecture it is not much different than any of the hamams you can find in Turkey . So for those who have experienced more famous hamams like Cagaloglu, Cemberlitas, Galatasaray in Istanbul , the most fascinating thing about Urgup Hamami would in fact be the quality of the service, the foam massage and scrubbing part in particular. In most of those famous hamams, although comparatively you may much more, the service you get is very poor. You are just one of those thousands of tourists and what you end up with is a 5 minutes scrubbing and 3-4 minutes traditional Turkish foam massage. On the other hand, the Urgup Hamami, which is now run by Osman Tasar and his sons Kamil and Serif, scrubbing takes like 10 and traditional Turkish foam massage takes around 15-20 minutes, which is how it is supposed to be. Both Osman and his son Kamil are expert “tellaks”. For those who want to experience a real hamam this is the place not to be missed. Finally because it is a unisex public hamam (except between 12.00 and 15:30 on Saturdays), which is extremely rare to find, you can always go with friends and family.