Urgup retailers vends many different exotic products, but perhaps the most interesting and best souvenirs come in the form of carpets, as many merchants bring in their product from Istanbul on their way to the other side of Turkey.  

Carpet making began in this region two thousand years ago, started by nomads and quickly established as a Turkish specialty.  Usually handcrafted, they are woven into nationally distinctive double knots, in honor of the oldest surviving carpets in the world, which also come from Turkey.

Urgup carpets are created using a variety of dyes, colors, and patterns, and they are more often than not suffused with designs, images, and symbols that tell a story about the culture’s past.

Other gifts worth picking up here are made of copper and brass.  Unique silverware is abundant here, as are leather goods, beautiful dolls and exquisite ceramics.  Not too expensive, Urgup purchases are of very high quality and make excellent mementos for after your trip.